Zoe Jarvis

As the 4th eldest in a line of 23 siblings, my unique upbringing has nurtured in me a deep understanding and regard for human development from infancy to adulthood. I am a qualified social worker and certified Integral Associate CoachTM and with more than ten years’ experience, I have worked in the fields of early childhood development, trauma, parenting, personal development, leadership and community transformation. I serve both as a mental health practitioner and as a life coach. 

I am passionate about assisting children, adolescents, young adults and their parents to work through the difficult milestones they may be facing. Sometimes children and young people struggle.  As an adult, it can be painful to be caught up in the world of a child who is navigating a challenging moment in their development. A child's frustration can manifest in their relationships with food, parents, siblings, teachers, schoolwork or with other children. It can cause them to withdraw, become aggressive or act out in ways that are confusing to the caring adults around them.

From the months before a child is born, they have already begun the complex inner journey of personhood.  Their nature coupled with their own interpretation of early experiences comes together in a way which is deeply unique to them. The temptation to question oneself or become frustrated with a struggling child can be overwhelming. The good news, however, is that children are resilient and with the right support these moments can be stepping stones toward growth. 

The heart of every child and young person is a magnificent wilderness. A wilderness which they occasionally need help navigating. I use an integrative approach to counselling, where each process is developed according to the needs and preferences of the young person. For children, a process of creative sessions incorporating story, play and art methods are used together to facilitate a comfortable space for little ones to explore and work through their inner storms.


Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Social Work specializing in ‘Early Childhood Development and Youth at Risk’ – (UW, SA)
  • Associate Life Coach–  (Integral Coaching Canada, SA)
  • Parent-Infant Psychotherapy Certification – (Ububele, SA)
  • Art Therapy Certification – (S.Davis - SA)
  • Beyond Trauma Trainer/Facilitator – (USA)
  • Women’s Crisis Care Advocate Certification – (WCCI, BH)
  • Kids Yoga Instructor – (Cosmic Kids, UK)
  • Youth Leadership Facili-teacher – Lucca Leadership (UK)
  • Math for Dyscalculia – (Addacus – UK)
  • MA in Humanitarian Action and Peacebuilding – Currently completing (OBU/UNITAR, UK)